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February 12th, 2007 by xformed

Update 2/14/2007, at the new day. Moved. Is it all working? Dunno at the fine detail level, but seems to be. If you’re planning to do this, ask. Not impossible, but took some multi-application maneuvering, playing with SQL, and stuff lie that.

Time to move hosting places. I spent the weekend “experimenting” on super secret” blogs (meaning no one would even notice me mucking about with the servers settings, .htaccess pages and the like, until I am positive I can move this blog, with the minor exception of the blogroll DB, to another place in cyberspace…..More domains, twice the hard drive space, less cost.

Update 2/13/2007:� Getting close to being able to make sure everything comes across the great divide intact, and, with all the links updated.� I’ve been in the bowels of SQL and text editors, looking at raw data dumps.� The first pass left the Army blogs listed as “Navy” and the Navy blogs as “Military.”� I figured out how to fix that, but then it threw off the post category listings, which became it’s own investigation, but all are looking good now, I just need to do a find and replace in the old posts, so when they come across after the final import, the lniks in my work won’t be broken.� If anyone is going to migrate a WordPress installation, I’ll be happy to advise.

Set back: If you have been using my post links, the database set the lead in as “” Like my advice to beginning bloggers a few posts back, I now see that was an issue I needed to address right away on this blog set up, before I went public.

If you have blogrolled me, and you’re will to try and hang onto my link, check to see if its “” or the NetFirms version that may have been a result of a copy and save from the address box at the top of the browser.

I have some posts in mind, but I don’t want to loose them in the next few days.

I did move one domain yesterday and it was all done within about 30 minutes, including the response on the new name servers…..

So, “loyal” readers, or those who just found me and want to keep reading, if your link to me is “broken” in the next day or two, look at the browser address. If it’s, then it’s probably not yet been flushed through all the net name servers. If you’re using the Netfirms pointer….please consider fixing it.

Of course, if you’ve got a broken link, these directions will have evaporated anyhow….

So, follow me and I will also be making sure the email for the site gets moved, too, so the access will have some degree of continuity.

Later, all and thanks for all the fish…

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