Valour-IT: Monthly Reminder

February 11th, 2007 by xformed

V(oice) A(ctivated) L(aptops) for OUR – I(njured) T(roops) as it were.

Yes, we did a big drive last year for about 14 days. I just thought I’d make a point of reminding anyone who comes by to read that the project to get laptops placed in the major medical facilities for our permanently of temporarily disabled soldiers/sailors/airmen and Marines is a year round effort, so if you have a few spare dollars, now that the Christmas bills are paid down, maybe consider this worthwhile program to help get our troops back into life.

The latest news from FbL, the lady who co-parented the project, is here.

It seems Chuck Z, the other co-parent of VALOUR-IT, is headed back for his 34th surgery as a result of his wounds in Iraq that, in a bittersweet manner, led to this all being a project that has helped many recover their ability to communicate with friends and family.

Oh, and if you missed the link above, you can donate here!

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