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February 3rd, 2007 by xformed

A about a year ago, I decided to leave Blogger and to get my own domain. Here were some observationsfrom my earlier days of “the Struggle.”

As I approach the ending point for a really great deal for a years worth of hosting ($10), I am stuck trying to figure out how to move to a more advantageous host, yet not lose a years work of worth.
Here’s something I learned (which ties into why my comments didn’t work for the last week): I should have tied my blog to my domain name right away. Why? Because now all the links I have placed “out there” or those links into me from other places, will all be broken, and I’m not about to pay to leave a digital bread crumb trail. I’ll just have to hope some of my small reader ship does a little bit of typing to find me, if I move later this month.

The reason my comments didn’t work is because I thought I had followed my directions to have my blog links migrate over to, vice the While you could still see the posts, the blog pointers got lost by not picking up the post title when you tried to post a comment.

Anyhow, this is first notice that I’ll be experimenting to make sure I can successfully connect post to my domain name, and then I will no longer be chained to any one hosting service.

If anyone is interested in any results of that and you use WordPress, leave me a comment, and I’ll make sure to cut you in on how not to get bruises on your virtual blogging shins along the way.

In the meantime, do what you have to to get your domain name secured, then make sure you know how to “mask” or redirect your link titles…so you won’t get lost in the “translation”…

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