Sandy “Burgler” Song Contest Winner on Bill Bennett

February 2nd, 2007 by xformed

Here is it. They have the audio done there, too! Ron Allen is the winner.

Oh, it was a contest held by Bill Bennett on his morning talk show to come up with a song about Sandy Berger taking files from the National Archives.

Lyrics from the post:

Sandy Berger Can
by Ron Allen
(to the tune of “Secret Agent Man”)

Bill and Hillary lookin’ for a legacy
But the national archives held a vast conspiracy
They thought about a plan
Asking who would be their man
Who can we now trust to crack this quandary?

Sandy Berger can
Sandy Berger can
He can stuff that troubling history into his socks and pants

Now Bill and Hillary met with Sandy Berger.
They talked about the plan…now it’s not murder.
They gave him all he’d need.
They thought he could succeed.
It simple, just go in and get those files.

Sandy Berger can
Sandy Berger can
He’ll stuff those troubling files into his socks and pants.

The day had come and it was time to do it.
If he is caught the press can misconstrue it.
It’s not that big a deal, it had a presidential seal.
And he said he’s sorry so that ends it.

Sandy Berger can
Sandy Berger can
He’ll get us eight more years
So we can implement our plan

Your next opportunity to become famous may be when Bill Bennett has an essay contest, subject: “A World Without America.” IT might be set up to be completed around July 4th this year….some details here.

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