For the Lazy Navigator or the Curious Person

December 8th, 2006 by xformed

From Celstron, the “Sky Scout.”

Celstron SkyScout

It uses GPS to tell you (computerized voice) what stars/constellations to look for as you point it around. You can also access a menu and select a celestial object/planet and it will giude you to looking at it in the “Locate” mode.

15.2 oz, without batteries….and, I’d certainly be careful about using it in the presense of your enemies, lest they figure out where you are while it tells you what you’re looking at….

Hey, at $399 (plus shipping and applicable sales tax and the cost of some batteries), you can afford to skip your Junior Year NROTC navigation course…

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1 response about “For the Lazy Navigator or the Curious Person”

  1. Dave G. said:

    ROFLMAO!!! I used to work on NAVSSI and they took that as the holy grail of navigation, i took it with a pound of salt.

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