“The List” and a Father’s Wisdom

December 7th, 2006 by xformed

Many years ago, as we sat at the dinner table, discussing the current effort to get rid of cars that burned leaded gas, I made some comment about tha implied that would be the end of it when they got it completed.

My mother-in-law had recently gotten the diesel Mercedes she had wanted for some time and that next factored into the equation.

My father-in-law next commented “these people keep lists of 10 itmes thay are after. When they get rid of the item at the top, then they add another one at the bottom, so they will always have things to attack.”

In the past few days, and reflecting on the state of world affairs, specifically in reference to the Islamofascists, Jes was oh, so correct. They will ask for one thing, then when they get it, they add more requests. The sad part is we keep believing what they are asking is the thing they actually desire, instead of figuring out it is merely a stepping stone to the larger prize they seek. In this case, they won’t stop until they dominate, which has been the history of the Muslim faith (via the leadership) since the inception of the religion.

Yes, they have been beaten back and given up on agression for a while, but it our time when they have chosen to surge forward to accomplish their desired goal.

So, if “they” get Israel taken off the map, they aren’t going to stop there…

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