Valour-IT: Army and the Air Force Find Some Stuff to Auction

November 9th, 2006 by xformed

Yessiree, Ladies and Gentlemen! The Valour-IT fund drive is not over!

In addition to the two books from Richard Lowry Team USAF posted on eBay, the shopping option of many, now you can bid on Thunderbird Memorbilia!

John of Castle Arrggghhh! put up two copies of “Blood Brothers,” which will be signed by the author, at the mini-auction site of NZ Bear.

Please don’t forget the Navy items, only of the highest quality, for the discerning auctionee, are still listed here. I discussed thes Navy items in an earlier post, if you’d like a few details.

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1 response about “Valour-IT: Army and the Air Force Find Some Stuff to Auction”

  1. Cassandra said:

    I don’t know what to say, except that as usual the Navy has proven that the term “Navy-Marine Corps team” isn’t just an empty slogan.

    Last year around this time I was privileged to hear General Jim Mattis talk about his experiences in Afghanistan. Featured prominently in his talk was the United States Navy. As a Navy Junior and the daughter of a destroyer man who also served on the battleship New Jersey during VietNam, I sat up in my seat a little taller as he told the assembled crowd that his Marines could not have done their jobs without the unswerving, dedicated, and unfailingly professional help of the Navy. It would have been like going into battle with one shoe off – unthinkable.

    May it ever be so 🙂

    God bless you, gentlemen.

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