Valour-IT: Get Yer AUCTION Items HERE!!!!

November 5th, 2006 by xformed

OK, the kind owner of Truth Laid Bear, NZ Bear, has set up an auction page for us. No as formal as ebay, but, there are some incredible items to be had.

Here’s the deal: Those of us focused on the Valour-IT fiund raiser at close rnage will know about this. Those wandering about in the rest of the universe will not. Your assignment, kind readers, is to spread the word far and wide and close by, to get the juices flowing.

The Auction page location is here. Clikc on the the link, I dare you…and, get youe wallet ready!

At this very moment, it appears that the only takers are the Navy, with 13 items up for bid. at least we’re ahead somewhere! GO TEAM NAVY!

Chapomatic has graced us with a set of four wine goblets from COMSUBGRU SEVEN, posters of USS TEXAS, a SAC and a USN Challenge Coin.

Bubblehead of “The Stupid Shall Be Punished” blog has coins and a key chain from the pre-comm unit for USS SEAWOLF (SSN-21). This is a “class ship” (names the class of units that follow) of the subs built after the LOS ANGELES (SSN-688) Class.. Little pieces of history here. Great for military collectors.

Jason of has listed two copies of the book “No HIgher Honor,” the story of the USS SAMUEL B ROBERTS (FFG-58) when she hit the mine in the Persian Gulf. Exceptionally well written, balancing detail with readability. Reviews on his site from the crewmen compliment him for telling the story well. Brad Peniston (the author), with personalize each copy for the purchaser when he signs them before shipment. Brad was responsible for connecting Valour-IT to the Army Times reporter who got the story on the web and I understand it will be in print this week.

Neptunus Lex has offered up many items. Two flight suits, actually worn on combat missions (but he’s washed them), a pilot’s helmet (cracked, but still a great conversation piece, and ball caps from the George HW BUSH or RONALD REAGAN carriers. Oh, and then there is a printed out and signed copy of his onlone novel or blogvel, “Rhythms.”

Here’s my advertisement for Le’xs book (feel free to cut and paste this into an email you’ll send to everyone you know, and add to it if you’re read his work!):

What if you had the chance to own a draft copy of “The Hunt for Red October” or “Team Yankee,” before anyone in the publishing world had heard of guys named Clancy or Coyle? What would that be worth, not only in bragging rights, but in terms of real historical value? A soon to retire Navy Captain, and F/A-18 aviator for his entire career, with shipboard, command, and TOPGUN instructor jobs in his wake has typed out a read that certainly equals, if not exceeds the fine works of those action novel authors we have come to see being wildly successful. “Rhythms” is such a work. In the auction to support Valour-IT, you have the truly rare opportunity to cheat history and get you own original, signed hard copy of this novel, that not only puts you in the cockpit, but make the adrenaline flow as if you were there. Gripping, edge of your seat, begging for more emotions will overwhelm you as you take a journey from the deck of a carrier launching combat missions, into the minds of the pilots as they focus on putting ordnance where it counts, and also below decks, where the many thousands make it possible. Expensive propopsition? Sure, but how much would you pay for that draft of “Red October” if you had it all to do again? And, oh, NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY STORE NEAR YOU (or not near you)!


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