Valour-IT: Official Press Release

November 6th, 2006 by xformed

On PRWeb, the official Valour-IT press release exists.

How about spread it about liberally. Send it to any and all radio/TV station managers web address, or, if you can’t find any one in particular, try sending it to the postmaster or info or webmaster address, asking that it be relayed to the appropriate office. The larger and/or more active sites will most likely see it in time to get the word around the coffee pot (or Coke machine n this era) before Saturday.

Get over to Ken’s Blog,a href=””>Smadanek (when this is over, I’ll ask him where that moniker came from…) to see how we are trending towards the goal. The Official Valour-IT bean counters site! WOOOHOOO!

Get on it…and…get people pointed at the auctions, and shameless promote Lex’s hard copy of “Rhythms!”

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  1. The Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Vote — But Don’t Forget Valour-IT

    So — go vote today, let the blogsphere/media hyper-focus on every jot/tittle/nuance of this micro-trend or that and await the divisions of lawyers to be deployed in the expected post-election challenges.

    Because on Nov 12th there still will be a …

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