Valour-IT: Navy Goes Vertical, SINGES COMPETITON!

November 7th, 2006 by xformed



Whoda thunk it? From “Tail End Charlie” (man, the view was UGLY back there!) to “Leader of the Pack” (how’s it looking now?) in a few hours….

Oh, and that’s Capt Lex in the chase F/A-18…

This stunt was brought to you by the cold, calculating, strategic thinking idea people of Team NAVY (lay back and let them wear themselves out, then smoke by them like you hair’s on fire!) …$5500+ in the lead and accelerating towards the finish line!

Grab an auction to bid on and see if you ground pounding, movie watching, golf and bowling “experts” can catch us!

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4 responses about “Valour-IT: Navy Goes Vertical, SINGES COMPETITON!”

  1. sma said:

    Just to be fair, Powerline deserves loads of credit for Team Navy. They supported Navy and have by far generated most serious donations to the Navy and Valour IT. Wasn’t sure if you were aware of this. Go over to for details.

  2. xformed said:

    I suspected as much, but I sure can’t tell the place where someone found out about the fund. I do know one of the Navy Team worked the contact via email and was successful. Net result: Many wounded people will benefit from the kindness of the American (and I bet some foreign) citizens who had the opportunity to help.

    BTW, the correct link to Powerline is here so everyone can go check them out!

    Thanks for making this important point.

  3. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    Sort of like Midway, huh? (Army) Air Corps rolls in from high and low and …kills fish/water. Navy rolls in from high perch when all seems lost and nails the suckers.

    And thanks (huge thanks) to Powerline — they get the LtJG Best award (go check your Midway history) for their timely support. Just a small reminder, who was it (*cough* Malkin *cough*) who pitched in for Team Air Corps at the start here? It ain’t over by a longshot yet though, watch those sneaky Marines. Friday is the opening of the Marine Corps museum @ Quantico and you know they’ll pull a fast one as the counting closes…


    BTW, know of several $K’s that went to Army/Marines though it was Navy that told them about it. Not carpin’ — just, you know, sayin’ 😉

  4. sma said:

    to xformed. thanks for correcting Powerline link. You can find their post – Anchors Away in the Nov. archives. Scroll about 1/3 down the page. They jumped in for Navy team at the time that Navy was on the lowest rung on the ladder. These guys are true patriots. This was their way of supporting the project and helping all branches reach the total Valour IT goal. My small contribution paled in comparison to most others. The goal will be met!! God Bless all of our Troops.

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