Valour-IT: Don’t Forget the eBay Auctions!

November 7th, 2006 by xformed

John of OpFor requested this post:

Richard S. Lowry, author of Marines in the Garden of Eden and the Gulf War Chronicles was generous enough to donate two personalized copies of each book to Valour-IT. Please include these two links in your next Valour-IT update:

Marines in the Garden of Eden

Gulf War Chronicles

Auction Proceeds will go to Valour-IT, but no specific team. One team, one fight and all that. Zoom!

Don’t forget to check this link for the auction up at Truth Laid Bear, where Team Navy is putting all sorts of goodies of historical value up for bids!

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1 response about “Valour-IT: Don’t Forget the eBay Auctions!”

  1. IMAO said:

    Navy Surges Ahead!

    The Navy team in the Valour-IT fundraiser is gaining ground and now less than $15,000 away from the goal (my…

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