Auction Items for the Valour-IT Fund Drive

October 31st, 2006 by xformed

From John at OPFor (the USAF Team Leader)

Richard S. Lowry, author of “Marines in the Garden of Eden” and the “Gulf War Chronicles” was generous enough to donate two personalized copies of each book to Valour-IT.

There’s a deal! Good books and a chance to fund the drive!

eBay links to the auctions:

“Marines in the Garden of Eden”

“Gulf War Chronicles”

Spread the word, move the cash!

Thanks, John!

Update 7 Nov 2006: More up to date auction info here.

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3 responses about “Auction Items for the Valour-IT Fund Drive”

  1. Op For said:

    Team Air Force Soaring!

    We’re doing great Zoomies! Strong second place as of this evening, and our team is growing almost hourly. To help with the cause, Richard S. Lowry has donated two of his most excellent books on the Gulf Wars (Marines in…

  2. IMAO said:

    The Navy: They Float and They Kill

    I like the Navy. Two thirds of the world is covered in water, and who will kill people on that?…

  3. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    OK, guess it’s throw down time. Something isn’t kosher when the Navy is trailing the bus men in blue, so here goes. Open challenge to Mike over at No Angst Zone — if USAF team is ahead of navy after the final reckoning on 11 Nov, then the following Friday, my Flightdeck post will be devoted to (gag) scummy, prissy, no *real* tailhookin’ airplane, your choice. I’ll give it the full treatment the real aircraft get on the regular Flightdeck Fridays. Of course, should the tables be reversed (don’t leave me hanging here folks) I’ll ask the same for your Tarmac Saturday the w/end after the 11th. What sayest you? 20mm @ FL250? Fight’s On…

    – SJS

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