In Search of the Grand Unified Theory – Part IV

October 27th, 2006 by xformed

From Part II of the series, I stated on 10/03/2006, as the Mark Foley scandal began:

I will, once more, predict (and I’m certainly no oracle), that, as one TV correspondent says last night, they are getting many emails from other pages. It is only realistic to believe, that the subjects being discussed in those emails coming in will include human beings, most likely almost exclusively male, and, there ceratinly may be some Democrats in the bunch. Whether that is disclosed before or after the elections next month isn’t necessarily the issue, but the fact that it’s a human condition in the sexually related society we live in. The “backsplatter” will get those who are making exceptionally bad (and in some cases, illegal) choices, but it isn’t reasonable to brand everyone of their party as participating in the same behavior.

Well, it didn’t pop out quite as I envisioned, but…James Webb seems to have quite the active imagination.

I’d be willing to bet many conservative minded Virginians, who may have been leaning towards a “punishment vote” mentaility will come back and decide to cast one for George.

How will the Dems portray this one? “He only wrote about it, so it’s a freedom of speech issue! Nah! Nah! Nah!” If that’s so, then I guess text messaging 18 or older used to be pages before, but are not now and are not minors anymore when it occured, should similarly be consider the same? Nope…not via the media’b’Allah. You see, it will come down to the party who supports the organization that supports the ACLU as opposed to one from the party who says such things are a danger and asks for laws to protect people from it.

Anyhow, I tried to warn the Democrats, but no, they didn’t listen and all I did was recall some not so distant history of the “culture of corruption screeching to try and help.

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