“EGADS! It Makes the Ganglia Twitch!” – Part I

October 27th, 2006 by xformed

Bizzare, strange and, if it wasn’t for the understanding that some people still think like people did in before the Age of Enlightenment, it wouldn’t be comprehensible!

In the UK, the head Islamic Cleric says it’s OK to kill gays…


Palestinian Gays fleeing to Israel!

Hmmmmmm….There are gays among the Muslims are….figuring out that their “enemy” will treat them with more respect and most likely save their lives….

If enough Muslims, who are gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that, move into Israel, maybe Israel will be saved from extermination!

Just thinkin’…

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1 response about ““EGADS! It Makes the Ganglia Twitch!” – Part I”

  1. rick said:

    It seems the Muslims have gotten to the point where they feel free to say whatever vile disgusting things they feel their religion demands. This could be a good thing as more and more people are starting to notice just how big this malignancy has become. Hopefully more people in the public eye will stand up and be counted ala Jack Straw. Can’t come soon enough.

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