“…his language has no equivalent for the English word…”

September 9th, 2006 by xformed

From Little Green Footballs, a report from someone who attended a reception for former Iranina President Khatamis, hosted by CAIR in DC.

This quote is absolutely striking:

But one thing above all stood out when Khatami was speaking (I don’t know if it was Arabic or Persian). Apparently his language has no equivalent for the English word because he always said the word in English.


Interesting…the question now for me was the spoken language Fasri or Arabic? The cultures that spawned those languages have multi-millenia of history, and at least one doesn’t have the word “democracy” in its lexicon. Both cultures were in contact with the Greeks, who, from my knowledge of history, formulated the concept of democracy, or were at least the first ones to claim practical experience in it. The fact thse two cultures didn’t absorb a word like that would most likely have a reason for not doing it, as it certainly has become a concept hard to ignore.

Read the entire report for some real insights to the complex issues of Iran, but meditate on the quote above and consdier the implications…

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