Excuse Me Senator, But You’re Not Your Brother

September 8th, 2006 by xformed

Open note to Senator Ted Kennedy, (D-MA):


You are no John F. Kennedy. Maybe your current audience is too young to recall President Kennedy in Berlin, but I am.

You do have something in common: When speaking a foreign language, your accents leave something to be desired.

What you don’t have in common is John Kennedy (related) was speaking of freeing millions upon millions from the farce (and a deadly one at that) of Communism, while you are speaking of attracting those who would consciously become felons to be in this country.

As a point of reference, those people (the immigrants) are not living in the type of political oppression where their neighbors could drop a dime and get sent off to a Siberian camp to make left handed gloves before the hard work, harsh conditions and poor food killed them off. Conditions where they live might be bad, but not that bad by a long shot.

Please stop pretending to be John. He was a much finer man than you can ever hope to be.


A concerned citizen

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