The Day of “Fusion” Creeps Ever Closer!

September 1st, 2006 by xformed

A big day occured back in April, and I blogged it

Crossover Screen Shot

Another milestone in “fusing” popular, widespread OS’ has come upon us:

Crossover from CodeWeavers will be the new buzzword, and Mac users will soon be able to seamlessly run Mac, UNIX based, and Windows applications, without having to by extra machines.

Pre-order cost is $39.95. That sure isn’t much to be able to load up and use your PC software you’ve already invested in.

The developers certainly have a great idea:

CodeWeavers CrossOver Compatibility Center (C4)
Mission Statement

CodeWeavers’ goal is to make Unix (including Linux and Mac OS X) a fully Windows-compatible operating system. All Windows applications should be able to be run on Unix: cleanly, harmoniously, within the native environment, and without using an emulator. To that end, we maintain this Compatibility Center. Here, you can learn the exact status of any given Windows application vis-a-vis Wine. We also hope that you will join us in helping to support your application in Wine.

Feeling geeky? The Mac beta is here for free….

Yep…the future came along in 1984. You couldda bought in, but had to go cheap! 🙂

Oh, yeah, Crossover for LINUX is also on the products list….

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