Reality: “The New Guys” by Questing Cat

September 1st, 2006 by xformed

Over on Black Five, a story sent in by a soldier known to the blogosphere as “Questing Cat” talks about the junior soldiers in the light of the reality of youth, combat, and NCOs, and he uses that long known term “The New Guys” to describe the message.

QC is back in Iraq, on his second tour. During his last tour, he posted a raw, detailed and intense story of exercising his Combat Life Saver (CLS) skills one day on the battlefield. He wrote it shortly after returning from the mission and it was the kind of writing that told the story of what that medical aid person is going through as he takes care of a wounded comrade. That blog is no longer available (see note), but will most likely be featured in Black Five’s upcoming book, where he has collected and edited the best of military blogs. The book is close to being published.

For those who have served, you will instantly know you were one once. The comments by the readers have add on stories to confirm and amplify on QC’s excellent shot of life via his writing.

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