Compare and Contrast: England and Lebanon

August 10th, 2006 by xformed

A few days ago, I pontificated at the world’s upside-down logic. Today, we have something that makes sense.

If there was a country, that had a violently subversive element within its borders, and they were preparing an attack on a country outside of the one it was it, what would the right reaction be?

Well, as one sage leader of mine said: “Everyone can be used for something, even if it is a bad example.”

Bad Example: Lebanon – lets the submersive element perform their attack and avert your eyes.

Good Example: England – collar the miscreants, and save the many innocent lives that would have been effective, because you care about being a member of the world community.

Today is a time when comon sense and decency has stepped onto center stage. Amazingly, some have already tried to characterize this as a president trying to scare people.

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