Good and Evil Use of PhotoShop Software

August 7th, 2006 by xformed

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Evil use of Photoshop:

Photoshopped Beruit Photo - from LGF

First noticed on LIttle Green Footballs August 5th. It has sent ripples across the world, with Reuters trying to back-pedal from the photog that seems to have a penchant for “modifying the truth” via digital software. Not a good thing at all, and there are plenty of people, more plugged in and more capable thatn I to comment. Stroll over to LGF (the main page via the link under the picture) and you’ll get a few more than a few eyefulls of the discussion, among many other blogs/news reports.

Good use of Photoshop:

< Microsoft Zune Blue Screen

If you’re a submariner, then this would also be considered a good use of photo editing software:

Torpedo Surfer

Then again, you can appreciate if you’re from the VP-, HS-, HSL-, VS- or surface community, too. Just a Mk 46 would be a smaller “ride.”

Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the Open Thread!

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