I’m Thinking So Chew on These Bits

August 5th, 2006 by xformed

The daily geo-political and cultural news provides way too much to easily digest, so I’m thinking it over.

In the works: A “Sea Story” (actually based in fact…but aren’t they all) from 20 years ago. Tease: Something about constuctive and virtual targets, project people looking over your shoulders and 6 days without sleep, oh, yeah, and T’Hawks.

In the mean time:

S'Mores Keyboard

But if you get hungry while surfing, how will you finish your blogging post?

I found the virtual kitchen and it has a ferrous door fridge, and 207 magnetized words. Play with care….

Get there via this link.

Oh, and just where is Castro right now?

Elvis Contest

One more for the computer humor/rivalry files:

hooked on mac

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