I wish I could find out more on the USS Neosho (AO23)

June 15th, 2006 by xformed

The comment is buried back in a post I did a while back titled “Survivors of the Battle of Coral Sea – USS NEOSHO.”, Jayna left her comment for information on her Grandfather.

Here’s her comment/request:

“I wish I could find out more on the USS Neosho (AO23). My grandfather died on the 68 man raft, less than 2 weeks before my father was born. If anyone knows of any survivors or has letters from the crew of the AO23, please contact me at wknight6@comcast.net”

I tossing this up with a prayer that through the “six degrees,” someone reading this will be connected with someone who knows. Do you know a WWII Navy Vet? Pass it along, maybe collectively, the community of bloggers can pass her some valuable leads.

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