Captain B has a Great Idea. Have you “Had Enough?”

June 14th, 2006 by xformed

Had enough with a media that trashes everything, even the good done by the US Military?

Captain B of One Marine’s View wants to take out a FULL PAGE AD in a major newspaper for this coming 4th of July, in support of our troops.

Had Enough?” is here….

He’s still open for which paper and what to say in the ad, but…it’s all premised on getting the funds together to pay the freight.

He has a donate button on the right sidebar of his blog, labeled “Donate cigars for troops here!” It will do the job…

Think about it….what better way than to proclaim we believe in the goodness and sacrifice of those young (and not so young in some cases) men and women who are forging the future for not only us, but humanity.

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1 response about “Captain B has a Great Idea. Have you “Had Enough?””

  1. Jason Lomberg said:

    It’s about bloody time somebody did something like this. We can’t let the anti-military voices be the only ones heard. This is how public opinion is influenced for the worse.

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