Love Your Glock? You Should: Read This

February 4th, 2009 by xformed

DUDE! Chasing links and found this: Glock 21 Torture Test


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Geez! He has plenty of pics of “prepping the weapon in mud, dirt, baby powder, water, ice, etc…then fired 500 rounds without cleaning it. Before and after pics. Ran over by a car, dropped from a Cessna (Yes, while flying)! You gotta chase the link!

As Barney would say LEGENDARY! performance…

And when you finish that read, check out The Ten Manliest Weapons List.

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1 response about “Love Your Glock? You Should: Read This”

  1. Brad said:

    That Glock torture test is something else. I’ve never seen a torture test like that done on any other weapon. Glocks rock.

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