Go Ahead, Throw Your Shoes at a World Leader…

January 19th, 2009 by xformed

Funny…he wouldn’t have this issue in the US, would he? download Independence Day

He Was a Quiet Man

The Redsin Tower buy

Between natural, ingrained tolerance of expressing opposing views, to the ACLU, he’d have been on all the morning talk shoes and most likely be given a job at MSNBC, CNN, or nay other lefty MSM outlet.

Not so when you are outside of the “mean” (Thank you Michelle Obama) nation of the USA….

So, who’s paying for the Swiss lawyer?

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1 response about “Go Ahead, Throw Your Shoes at a World Leader…”

  1. Shoes said:

    Did not expect this on a Friday. Nice article. :). just subscribed to your RSS. Yeah, very true.

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