Very, Very "Lexable…"

January 18th, 2009 by xformed

Hmmm…can fly over land or water, has a more affordable price tag (no gear option, I think was $113K), two seats, truck-able, too. What’s not for Neptunus Lex Romero trailer to like about it, or some of the rest of us, too, with a little hankering for fun in a VFR world on a “conservative” budget?

I bring you the Icon A5 Sport Plane!

Click for larger Image
You only need a “Sport Pilot” rating to fly this one

buy Dead Heist

and that’s much less expensive. Stuck with flying by eyeball and below 10KFt at a max of 120 kts! Oh, yeah…another “Lex” feature: Auto-fold wings!Saw the article n the new wired.Drawbacks? Well, an F-16 “driver” is part of the design team…which may be a plus for some others.

Get busy filling his tip jar, so we might vie for an opportunity to be a “guest” in the right seat..Just read about this in the Wired Magazine

The Cell hd The Grain That Built a Hemisphere video

at the store, but it doesn’t show on the web site. Update 1/19/2009: Here’s the link to the Wired article.

Other update: “Auto-fold wings” powered by pilot and/passenger/ground crew/curious bystanders.Sideways hd

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