Windows 7? Yep,it's running

January 13th, 2009 by xformed


Managed to grab my copies of both the 32 and 64 bit betas of Windows 7. Decided to put the 64-bit on the extra HD in the secondary system, which is a healthy machine in its own right.

Went on smooth as silk and left me with a dual boot option on startup of the machine.

Avira Anti-Virus (free, btw) went right on, as did Adaware 2008 (the free version, too). Looking for a free and capable firewall. Comodo looks like it went on, but the last message on the install says “Rollback Complete” and that sounds like it backed itself off at the end. Can’t find it on the programs list…so no go right now.

The screen is nice. Translucent edges on the windows frames and the desktop picture is very sharp.

More later as I play.

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