How Passionate Are You About History?

August 30th, 2008 by xformed

Because someone has to do it, that’s why.

G-Force trailer Babe: Pig in the City dvdrip Quarantine psp

Nuts full movie

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2 responses about “How Passionate Are You About History?”

  1. DWB said:

    The video link seems to be broken

  2. JoeC said:

    Well, he must have fixed the link in the last week.

    What I always wonder about when I see these passions of a hobbyist, is where the hobby goes after the person passes on? My grandfather had a friend who was as passionate about model railroading and had converted his entire basement into a multi-level, multi-room railroad system. He won multiple awards at state fairs and shows over the years, competing and displaying the results of his talent. Thousands of hours over several decades building and detailing his layout. Gone *poof* in piecemeal auctions and yard sales. What a shame.

    Now here is a guy with a similar collection of appearing museum quality pieces. It will be a pity that entropy happens to these things. The collection broken up, sold and scattered. Such is life.

    Man am I getting maudlin today.

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