Ok, Doggies…Your Turn!

August 5th, 2008 by xformed

It began thusly with the folks who brought you a loud and proud “OORAH!”,

then the the surface bound “bus drivers” How About You film for the aforementioned.
Next: the Zoomies

And…finally, now the ground component has it’s place in the structure.

My testimonial? I can only speak for the Navy site, but I have been contacted by and contacted shipmates from many decades gone by. I have been blessed with other “shipmates” in a larger sense, who willingly shared their stories of history with me when I went searching for others involved in operations I blogged about.

The TWS staff has put a great tool together, designed for military type social networking. Bring a few buddies to the table and they make it worth your while, but if you’re not in to the “refer a freind” life style, then $20/yr isn’t pretty reasonable in my book.

Hey, Army types…give it a shot…you never know who you might find after all there years.

Note regarding the flap when all of a sudden the USAF got their site and some boneheaded Major declared it an OPSEC nightmare: THe US Military didn’t come to have the wonderful public confidence ratings because the members are a bunch of dunces…For those who can’t figure it out: Use your head and remember the documents you signed when you got your security clearances…’nuff said.

Christmas Caper ipod

Misterio Galíndez, El rip

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