Words, Just Words Some Might Say

July 4th, 2008 by xformed

…but I think they are excellent reminders of what has become:

The parchment is aged and water stained, the ink faded and behind the thick, bullet prof glass it is difficult to discern. And yet — and yet the power of those words have shaken empires to their very roots and given hope to generations. The future they but dimly perceived, we live today. This is what it means to risk it all – in the hope, fear and prayer that the course you are charting will mean a better tomorrow; to know that there is no out, no “Plan B”…

By way of the one who “pens” his tales

Highway 395

of technology and the Navy, old and new, and still serves today, albeit without a uniform required daily: SteelJaw Scribe.

Words, just words, worthy of meditating upon this anniversary of the American experiment.

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