WMDs: Found then Lost?

April 11th, 2008 by xformed

Interesting…news from 2003 we could have used.

Planet of the Apes rip

Could these weapons have been within our reach, but spirited away, while the military dealt with an offensive that went so fast, they couldn’t have possibly managed to keep the chaos organized?

As teh article points out, it would be tremendously embarrassing for the White House to let the cat out of the bag now…after all, it is a Republican President, and he can’t lie, without being pilloried by the press and the Democrats. On the other hand, a Democrat president could shrugs their shoulders and say “it all depends on what the meaning of ‘found’ is” and the story would pass with a yawn.

Forget that. The routine harangues about no WMD, and therefore no need to have had 4000+ service members giving their lives would be stopped in their tracks, even if it is “embarrassing.” On top of that, the reasonable opportunity to no longer continue the shredding of the nation along ideological lines would actually be good for us, and would most certainly allow peace of mind for the familes who have contributed far too much in the form of a lost loved one, knowing it wasn’t in vain, or for some future legacy, but for the real protection of peoples, even beyond our borders.

Also, in the end part of the article, a comment about seeing thousands of Iranians crossing into Iraq, specifically for the purpose of fomenting a civil war. Kinda like BhO not wearing a flag label pin, and a few months later, you find out his mentor hates the country. It puts incomprehensible things into a context that makes sense.

Anyhow, take a read, and see what may well have been mishandled, and the net result is someone, in fact, many people are at risk for this error, if in fact the linked story is correct.Seven Years in Tibet download Der Fuehrer's Face divx

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