Monday Maritime Matters

March 10th, 2008 by xformed

Required reading: Maritime Monday 101 by Fred Fry posted at gCaptain Blog and a story of the lowly barrage balloons download Bathory from Eagle 1.

ADM Paul F. Foster, USN

Admiral Paul Foster was born in March 25th, 1889 in Wichita, KS. He attended the University of Idaho, and later was accepted to the Naval Academy, graduating in 1911. Initially assigned to the surface navy aboard the USS WASHINGTON (CA-11) and the newly commissioned USS UTAH (BB-31).
Medal of Honor
The USS UTAH participated in the Mexican Campaigns and Ens Foster went ashore with a landing party at some point and demonstrated a significant amount of courage on the 21st and 22nd of April, 1914, for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor.ADM Foster then transitioned to the “Silent Service,” taking command of the G-4 in February of 1916. Folling that tour, he had command of the USS AL-2 (SS-41), and, while operating in Bantry Bay, was credited with the sinking of German U-Boat UB-65 on 10 July, 1918. The UB-65 was one of three enemy subs sunk by the US Navy in WWI.
Navy Cross

In 1924, ADM Foster was assigned as the commissioning Engineer Officer aboard USS TRENTON (CL-11). In January, 1927, he was awarded the Navy Cross for his efforts in a gun turret explosion aboard TRENTON. At this point in his career, then LCDR Foster became the first man to be awarded all three of the top awards for his service time; The Medal of Honor, the Navy Cross and the Distinguished Service Medal.Resigning his commission in 1927, ADM Foster left the service, but was recalled in 1941, where he went to work on the staff of the Navy Inspector General, conducting three inspecptions at the personal direction of the President.ADM Foster served until 1961. He passed away in 1972.
To honor this man, the USS PAUL F FOSTER (DD-964), the second ship of the SPRUANCE Class destroyers.

Spun the movie

was commissioned February 21st, 1976.Assigned to the Pacific Fleet, FOSTER conducted 13 deployments to the Western Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. She supported both Desert Storm and Desert Shield in 1990/91. She was decommissioned in March 27th, 2003, and now serves as the Self Defense Test Ship for the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme, CA.

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  1. William Herring said:

    I served on Paul F Foster on her last deployment and would like to correct the article that is on your blog stating her decommissioning date. It was 27 March 2003, not anytime in 2002.
    [ed – Thanks for the error check…I corrected the decomm date!]

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