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February 19th, 2008 by xformed


From Scientific Blogging:

Plasma antenna

This prototype plasma antenna is stealthy, versatile, and jam-resistant. Credit: T. R. Anderson and I. Alexeff
Nifty! Plasma antennas…Now you see them, then you don’t. Tunable to multiple frequencies…don’t rust, won’t bust with the added bonus (at NO COST!) of being jam proof! And did I mention the use of them eliminates a massive reflective surface, that would be detected be radar looking for you?Just how do they do it? The answer is here.

The March Scientific American has an article on it, in which I read that the funding by the Navy has been pulled because, so far, the beams can only be steered in one plane, and they asked for it to be done in two planes. I’m sure the wizards will figure it out one day.

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