Except for Taking Pot Shots at High Flying Objects

February 16th, 2008 by xformed

It seems there way too much going on at a much higher level, as we, collectively, suffer from the early onset of Presidential politics.Thanks to the new feature that Charles installed at Little Green Footballs called the “Link Viewer,” I have been collecting links to, hopefully, sort in a logic order and then make some points.Personally, I used to see the “news” a day or two ahead of the MSM at LGF. Kinda fun, actually, seeing the MSM getting scooped by thousands of “intelligence collection agents” (all working for free, mind you). Now, with the volume of links there, I find some very interesting reading, yet it seems even the LGF “cycle” is not as speedy as I once thought. On the other hand, the pages are crowded with great tidbits, and larger stories from all points of the globe.

My collection effort began with a section: “The Coming Tsunami.” Relates to the sweeping tide of Islamist culture, driven hard into use using explosive techniques. I have subfolders for “Head in the sand” and “Destroy the ability to fight.” The latter mentioned is getting lots of interest, as those who we pay to represent us are on holiday, leaving their in baskets full of the people’s business, and it’s not because they are overworked, but more invested in making politic points for their own gain..all the while, spending my and your money. I have also included a “Push back” folder, which, thankfully, is showing some activity.

When will it all come together? Not sure. But, like others who have been involved in having to look at piles of hard copy inputs, then make a reasonable assessment of it all, while being paid, I’m finding it is still something I’m drawn to do.

Now, for my friends in Congress, who would allow trial lawyers to earn more multi millions, if not billions, while exposing the very foundations of our economy and therefore society to destruction while out shaking hands and kissing the very babies they care not if they are killed at the mall, here is my completely unconflicted message to you:

Bonus found via the referenced Link Viewer): “The Liberal Mind” by Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr. He says they are just like angry little children. Gee, who woulda thunk it?

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