A Bumper Sticker Trifecta

February 8th, 2008 by xformed

Whilst out performing work, I ended up behind a van, nothing expensive, adorned with three “statements:”

“Impeach Bush Torture Cheney” Funny, “Turban” Durbin and the Dems are now talking about criminally charging the CIA personnel who used a technique Congress doesn’t have the guts to name as torture by law, yet those of the same stripe would support doing the waterboarding, or worse, to elected officials of the highest order.

“The Bill of Rights …or Pre-9/11” Am I missing something? A guy driving down a major interstate in a major city and there were no Black Helicopters following him, attempting to drop SWAT ninjas on the roof of his vehicle. I observed no bullet holes in his van, either, from prior complications with rampant, controlling entities dispatched to remove his freedom of speech. Then again, if he was known to have phone conversations with known terrorists from outside the country, I can see how he may feel wronged by the Patriot Act.

“Guns don’t kill people. Lying War Hungry Presidents Do.” I may be making an improper assumption, but maybe he was making a statement about Saddam Hussien, the President of Iraq, who was known to use industrial grinders or vats of acid, or maybe the President of Iran, who has children hung and adults stoned, as those who don’t use guns to kill people.

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