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January 29th, 2008 by xformed

Have you lusted, for a very long time for a fully functional “heads up display” (HUD) that’s no muss, no fuss to wear? No annoying glasses style rigs, no wires dangling around your neck….

Well, in a “life imitates art” moment, someone has done your bidding. Pet Sematary II psp The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! psp

Terminator style contact lens displays
From the Telegraph in the UK:

Contact lenses with Terminator vision

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent
Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 27/01/2008

An electronic contact lens has been developed that will enable maps and videos to be beamed before the wearer’s eyes.

The bionic lens has microscopic circuits fixed to a flexible plastic. The scientists who created the device say the lenses could eventually provide computer-aided vision similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s robotic character in the Terminator films.

Drivers and pilots would have essential information – their speed and direction, for example – superimposed in front of their eyes, in a massive advance on the kind of “wearable displays” now available, which are spectacles that have images displayed on the lenses.

Now, just because this was in an English paper, doesn’t mean it wasn’t homegrown. Babak Parviz, an electrical engineer at the University of Washington is the man with the plan.

And if just data displays aren’t good enough for you, he is working on advanced versions already:

Mr Parviz plans more sophisticated components to show detailed pictures, and it is possible to include a zoom function. The lenses have been tried on animals but there will be tough safety tests before the technology is developed for people.

Sign me up for the testing! I wonder…do they also correct for astigmatism? Probably for an extra cost…

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