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January 16th, 2008 by xformed

The military’s top expert on the religious doctrine of the Islamic terrorists was fired last week at the behest of a Muslim aide to Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England. The aide is a friend to the terrorist sympathizing Muslim Brotherhood, amounting to penetration of the top levels of the Pentagon by our terror war enemies.

What happened in the Park Service’s Flight 93 memorial investigation is very similar. Our last three blogbursts exposed how two Muslim academics fed the Park Service blatantly dishonest excuses for the giant Mecca oriented crescent in the Murdoch-designed memorial.

Kevin Jaques from Indiana University said that the similarity to an Islamic mihrab should be ignored (a mihrab is the Mecca direction indicator around which every mosque is built) because there has never been a mihrab anywhere near this big before.

Nasser Rabbat
said that because the Flight 93 crescent does not point quite exactly at Mecca (it is 1.8° off), it cannot be regarded as a mihrab:

“Mihrab orientation is either correct or not. It cannot be off by some degrees.”

From the Park Service’s White Paper.

Liar. Many classic mihrabs are oriented 10, 20 or 30 degrees from Mecca. The most elaborate mihrab in the world, the mihrab at the great mosque in Cordoba Spain, is oriented more than 45° off Mecca:

Cordoba mihrab points south. Mecca is east-southeast of Spain.


Rabbat’s deceptions do not stop there. He questions whether the crescent is really an Islamic symbol at all, and denies that it is used by any Islamic terror groups:

The Crescent is a debatable Islamic universal symbol. Many groups do not use it. I know in fact of no militant group that uses it. Islamic modern states have opted to use it, sometimes with the star, which is a modern symbol with no Islamic connotation.

How interesting that he fails to note that it is the archetypical mihrab shape, used for both the vertical dimension and the depth dimension in the Prophet’s Mihrab at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina:

Rabbat is a professor of Islamic architecture. Mosque design falls within his field of expertise. He knows full well that the crescent is the archetypical mihrab shape, which is the specific application of the crescent that he was addressing. Just as he lied about the Mecca orientation of the crescent having to be exact, he also pretended ignorance of the use of the crescent shape.

And that bit about no militant groups using the crescent?

There are at least 3 South West Asian terror groups in Afghanistan and the Tribal Regions of Pakistan that have crescents as part of their logo or flag. In fact MANY of them do it, and many do it in a very subtle way, such as Hezbollah. Take a look:

When the terror groups show the crescent embrace the globe, they are simply conveying the message that Islam will rule the world one day and eliminate all the infidels.

Here are some more:

Perhaps a better question is whether there are Islamic terror groups that do not identify with the crescent.

At both the Park Service and the Pentagon, Muslim consultants who are engaged in blatant cover up of terror threats are being given the last word by top level administration officials.

In both cases, a Congressional Investigation not only makes sense, but is necessary. Contact your representatives so they can join Tom Tancredo in calling for a Congressional Investigation into the mosque memorial before it’s planted on the graves of our heroes of Flight 93.

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