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January 8th, 2008 by xformed

Leave it to some passionate curious and driven person to do what the “professionals” say can’t be done.

I’d keep my ear to the railroad tracks about this person of the post: Johnathon Goodwin.

Big hat tip to lawhawk at A Blog for All for pointing out this article on Johnathon who is making cars into low emission, high mileage speed demons. A turbine powered Hummer hybrid that can do 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and gets 60 mpg and generates 600HP? Got a diesel? He has done magic using left over cooking grease and even took a ’65 Impala and converted it to be able to get 25 mpg and lay a whooping on a Lamborghini on the drag strip!

A teaser from the Fast Company Magazine “Motorhead Messiah” article:

Goodwin leads me over to a red 2005 H3 Hummer that’s up on jacks, its mechanicals removed. He aims to use the turbine to turn the Hummer into a tricked-out electric hybrid. Like most hybrids, it’ll have two engines, including an electric motor. But in this case, the second will be the turbine, Goodwin’s secret ingredient. Whenever the truck’s juice runs low, the turbine will roar into action for a few seconds, powering a generator with such gusto that it’ll recharge a set of “supercapacitor” batteries in seconds. This means the H3’s electric motor will be able to perform awesome feats of acceleration and power over and over again, like a Prius on steroids. What’s more, the turbine will burn biodiesel, a renewable fuel with much lower emissions than normal diesel; a hydrogen-injection system will then cut those low emissions in half. And when it’s time to fill the tank, he’ll be able to just pull up to the back of a diner and dump in its excess french-fry grease–as he does with his many other Hummers. Oh, yeah, he adds, the horsepower will double–from 300 to 600.

“Conservatively,” Goodwin muses, scratching his chin, “it’ll get 60 miles to the gallon. With 2,000 foot-pounds of torque. You’ll be able to smoke the tires. And it’s going to be superefficient.”

He laughs. “Think about it: a 5,000-pound vehicle that gets 60 miles to the gallon and does zero to 60 in five seconds!”

Enough…read the lengthy article and believe yourself!

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