Air Force – Together We Served Now Up!

December 29th, 2007 by xformed

Found in my comments:

Air Force Together We Served is now fully online.

Loyde Mcillwain
TWS Senior Administrator/Consultant

OK, you light blue suiters: Get to work building your networks!

I’m sure the site is as polished as the Navy one, so I expect you’ll find a great place to catch up with your former AF friends. Geez…we have “shipmates.” What do you AF type call the people you served with?

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6 responses about “Air Force – Together We Served Now Up!”

  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    What do you AF type call the people you served with?
    Golf partners? 🙂
    – SJS

  2. USAF JTAC said:

    Veterans…what do yo call them?

  3. Bob said:

    I received an invite from a friend to join the silly website army.togetherweserved. I registered, however, not under my own name, as I wanted to see what was on this website. I posted the below text on their forums, as I felt everyone should read it. Shockingly (not really) – it was erased almost immediately, my account was deleted, and my IP was blocked from the site. While I don’t really care about the latter two events, the first one showed that sometimes the truth hurts.

    “I sent this message via PM to someone earlier and I think it bears repeating for the group. It probably won’t be up for long, so enjoy.

    Hans, my problem with the website and its lack of verification is two fold. On one hand, people can put absolutely anything on here and there’s no controls whatsoever on what you can put on here. All the while billed as some sort “exclusive” site for mil personnel.
    Now, that doesn’t bother me near as much as that they might actually want verification, and that numerous stupid people, the same ones who get their identity stolen everyday, will probably do things like send this random site, which is nothing more than MySpace geared towards the military, their 214 or ERB or ORB. They have no business getting that. Further, while most of this info is fairly innocuous, you can go a long way to learning about people on here. This is precisely why this is an Opsec nightmare.
    A FIS agent, trained or untrained, could use this place as a gold mine to harvest data from. Some of it displayed in profiles. Some of it will be in the form of contact under the guise of association (the whole I was in 4ID at the same time, let’s be buds thing).
    I personally wouldn’t put identifying information such as what you’ve revealed in your profile, but you’re far from the worst offender. Do whatever you want, but you and others on here have just exposed as much information about you to the world as most figures who are generally considered public do when they’re holding office or involved in similar things. There’s very little benefit to doing that.

  4. Joe said:

    Response to Bob Jeffers – author of the above post:

    We don’t believe that the type of Member posted information on websites is as you state and apparently neither does the military.

    If you take a look at the following official Air Force Bio – there are similar Navy and Army bios – which anyone can view, there is no fundamental difference in the information publicly viewed here and on the TWS site or even We simply add search, messaging and forums features.

    TWS websites comprise over 700,000 military members, both active duty and retired, who have already done their due diligence on the TWS sites and are satisfied with their performance. We provide the proper guidelines and facilities for Members to practice good personal and operational security on the TWS sites and we only ask for Name, Rank, MOS and E-mail Address at registration. Member contact information is hidden by default and Members can privacy protect any information on their profile which they deem sensitive including photographs. Privacy Protected information may only be shared with those you choose to be on your Brothers list. All TWS sites are self policed by their Members, many of whom are OPSEC managers, and along with an Admin and Advisory Group force, comprising entirely of retired US Military personnel, this ensures that the TWS sites perform in a secure and professional manner.

    Those who wish to create controversy are those who are completely unfamiliar with TWS – its mission, its achievements or its track record.

    Finally Mr.Jeffers, it is not clear why you would wish to access under false pretences, in total breach of our Terms of Service, but as you experienced, your time on this website was shortlived once you were quickly discovered.

  5. JOHN LYNCH said:

    After joining I’ve been trying to log on for 3 days to no avail. I did everything I’m suposed to do still no log on. Would appreciate any communication help with AFTWS such as phone numbers or email addresses.

  6. xformed said:


    In response from to your question: AF TWS Admin contact.

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