Sometimes, Too Much Information Gets You…

December 23rd, 2007 by xformed


Check that post out about an airline passenger, iPhone equipped, who thought he knew what’s up…

H/T: Midwatch Cowboy

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2 responses about “Sometimes, Too Much Information Gets You…”

  1. David said:

    Actually, as you read in the post you linked, it wasn’t “too much information” that got the iPhone-iac “PWNED” but an arrogance that assumed HE had more information than he did and a lack of understanding of his own abysmal ignorance of the complexity of the issue.

    That’s not an iPhone-inspired (or anything info-tech inspired) problem but a problem of a society that celebrates sizzle over substance and tells people that no matter how stupid they are (behave, whatever), their uninformed opinions are valuable.

    Oh, and OT: Merry Christmas. 🙂

  2. sid said:

    Not certain that this is not a huge urban myth inspired by the iPhone commercial featuring a pilot who claimed he used it to get moving after noticing the WX had passed and he called his dispatcher.

    As one who is sitting and dealing with such issues on this fine Xmas Eve as I type, even the premise of that commercial was total bunkums.

    See this to get a better understanding of the complexities involved.

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