Air Force – Together We Served Almost Online!

December 2nd, 2007 by xformed

From the TWS Administrators:

Air Force is now in beta testing stage, Invites are
being sent out to those that have pre-registered,
During beta testing access is by invitation only.
Should be fully online Jan 01, 2008

Loyde Mcillwain
Senior Administrator

If I were and AF type, I’d get over there and pre-register right away and get onboard.

The Navy – TWS has been a great tools to get in contact with old shipmates…

Update from Loyde in the comments:  you have to be invited to get in now.  Keep checking the site for use in Jan’08!

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1 response about “Air Force – Together We Served Almost Online!”

  1. Loyde Mcillwain said:

    Air Force Together We Served is now fully online.

    Loyde Mcillwain
    TWS Senior Administrator/Consultant

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