ValOUR-IT: Preliminary Totals Are In!

November 14th, 2007 by xformed

We didn’t make the planned goals, but…many chose to send in checks.

First cut is here. Despite the totals shown on the web, the collections so far are up to $168.370.91, and more is bound to come in. Some money got donated via the first widgets and they are scouring that info. The Navy/Coast Guard Team accounts for $20,081.75. Toss in there is already over $29K that came in the mail with no team designations, we still did a respectable job.

So, it’s still a lot of money to do what we planned. I’m sure more news will follow inthe next few weeks of the grand totals for the fund drive.

BZ, everyone!

Update – The “known” Navy/Coast Guard Team:
Chaotic Synaptic Activity
Shira bat Sarah
Marvin’s Word
CDR Salamander
Grouchy Old Cripple In Atlanta
Searchlight Crusade
Here, There and Back Again
Information Dissemination
Scarlett Crusader
American Geek
Ballseye’s Boomers
The Wood Shed
Bobo Blogger
Shot In The Dark
An Unofficial Coast Guard Blog
Screw Liberals
Tailhook Daily Briefing
Brain Shavings
A Work In Progress
Rhymes With Right
Andi’s Answers
Under the Sea
United Conservatives of Virginia
Thought You’d Never Ask
Butter Side Down
Striped Bass Fishing New England
The Thomas
The Online Lunchpail
Fred Fry International
Last Refuge of a Scoundrel
Doc in the Box
Whether it amounted to one donation, or many, it made a difference – From the Sea!

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