Monday Maritime Matters

November 12th, 2007 by xformed

Got up early, went to pound the keyboard with some history of some person with a naval heritage and ships named for them, but, alas, something was amiss at the host, which, has been an excellent place to host my stuff.

Kept trying all morning, yet, I still kept getting errors.

Went out for some deliveries after lunch and turns out one of my customers waded ashore at Utah Beach. I also stopped at Jim, Sr’s house to say thank you.

Today, I think I’ll just ask for a bye and return next week, with my pile of material to satisfy a bet. I have the first installment already under my control, but in the meantime, if you’re the praying type, pay some well-to-do donor suddenly finds the donate to the Navy/Coast Guard Team button and puts us across the finish line for the ValOUR-IT fund raiser. Add to the prayer the specifics of “before midnight 11/12/2007 and for the donation to come in via the net.”

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