ValOUR-IT: Soldier’s Angels Coin for Your Donation!

November 8th, 2007 by xformed

Soldier's Angels Challenge Coin
Nice to have. A tangible memento and reminder of your commitment to supporting the troops. Also a conversation piece to have the opening to tell stories about what Soldier’s Angels does for our troops and their families..

Enough marketing. How, you ask? Details here. If you have a spare $25 (but thing more, WAY more) to donate…a coin can be yours, too! (Psst! Donate to Navy/Coast Guard!)

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  1. ValOUR-IT: Information Dissemination Ups the Ante - - It’s not random, it’s CHAOS! said:

    […] So….get your “ticket” to enter before midnight tomorrow night…that’s under the Navy/Coast Guard Team, not any other team. […]

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