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October 16th, 2007 by xformed

Drawing on Air
Hmmm…reminds me of “Conspiracy Theory” but with HMDs. “Drawing on air” but oh, so cool…

Artists ‘draw on air’ to create 3D illustrations
By Lisa Zyga

By putting on a virtual reality mask, holding a stylus in one hand and a tracking device in the other, an artist can draw 3D objects in the air with unprecedented precision. This new system is called “Drawing on Air,” and researchers have designed the interface to be intuitive and provide the necessary control for artists to illustrate complicated artistic, scientific, and medical subjects.

Pretty cool stuff….but you need the HMD of your choice…

Sensics PiSight on Man

Look at this:

The Sensics piSightâ„¢ products are the world’s most immersive head-mounted displays, ideal for numerous applications including virtual prototyping, training, data mining and more. The panoramic, upgradeable, high-resolution piSight displays offer:

Panoramic field of view that delivers full 3D immersion: from 82° to 180° diagonal, depending on model
A modular, upgradeable design that fits a very wide range of performance and budget requirements
High resolution: Up to 4200×2400 pixels per eye (2400×1720 effective)
Ease of use: weighing less than 1 kg (2 lbs.), piSight HMDs feature an open-frame design that is comfortable and stays cool

More specs:

ProductspiSightâ„¢ Specifications

The following table shows key performance parameters common to all the piSight panoramic head-mounted displays. Please visit the available configurations page for the information about specific configuration.

Field of view
(depending on model) 82° to 180° diagonal
58 ° to 179 ° horizontal
29 ° to 84 ° vertical

Binocular overlap 29° to 82° depending on model

Resolution 20 pixels/degree
2.9 arcmin/pixel throughout entire visual field

Color 24 bit color
75% of NTSC gamut
>800:1 contrast

Frame Rate 60 Hz

Eye relief 18 mm

Interpupillary distance 55 mm minimum
71 mm maximum

Headsupported weight 1.5 to 2 lbs (0.7 to 1 kg) depending on model

Tracking Compatible with most motion trackers and many eye trackers

Sensics 3D Display FOV
Toss in, some most likely very, very pricey (today) Sensics PiSight Full Immersion 3D displays and what a virtual experience you’ll have…like IMax, without having to find a parking place…or the each time excessive ticket prices.Now…how to get into the I/ITSEC conference in November in Orlando to check the Sensics products out…Between that and holographic displays, a whole new word of visual delights await us.

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