You Don’t Want to Get a “White Slip” for This

September 30th, 2007 by xformed

…because you just won’t have to walk tours, you may have to lose your head.

“White slips.”  Discrepancy reports..gets demerits for you at one of the fine institutions of the South East. Exceed your monthly demerit quota and start with confinement, or maybe do not pass go and head straight for the Quad of Third Battalion to walk tours with your assigned M-14 over your shoulder.

One favorite discrepancy was “failure to get the word.” In this case, it will be “failure to pass the word,” if you don’t comply. the punishment? Not a fifty minute stint doing close order drill in the muggy Charleston afternoon heat, but the loss of liberty and justice, and far too many citizens.

The Islamist Head fake editorial in Investors Business Daily, tells a summarized story of what’s been coming out in almost not covered in the MSM’s pages: The Holy Land Foundation trial: The real conspiracy that has been occurring for decades in this country.

The lunatics can scream about how GWB planned the 9/11, purposely blew the WTC Towers, including #7, that the war on terror is all a construct for the much feared “military industrial complex” or a great string pulling by the puppet masters in Israel, but they will never find evidence (other than what they can manufacturer (if they are smart enough to get an IBM Selectric II on ebay)), because none of those theories are valid..

The one to subvert American politics, and use our own money to attempt to finance our own demise, has all to solid a “paper trail,” and it’s being exposed using clear rules of evidence in a formal court of law, not by some college kids with some chicken wire, a brick, some kerosene and a cheap digital video camera.

I’m passing the word, by linking the IBD editorial. You need to read it carefully and consider the implications of what has been set in place by the PC/multi-cultural environment. One commenter at Little Green Footballs remarked:

#6 Bearster 9/29/07 10:25:07 pm reply quote report 14

The worst thing about political correctness is not that it attacks white males. The worst is that it blocks the very attempt to think (or speak) clearly.

It’s not possible to accept the multicultural-diversity view and, at the same time, grasp that Islam’s goal is to kill or subjugate every non-muslim. As long as PC rules the country, we will continue to grant moral sanction, political power, foreign policy concessions, and aid and comfort to the enemy.

It’s really a race to see if we can shake off mind-numbing philosophy of PC, or if islam will destroy us first.

It is a race, one between reason and compassionate tolerance of those around us, or being led to the slaughter for holding dear the right to have our own religion, or not, and to let those around us practice theirs simultaneously.

Pass the word around…and invite others to understand the depth of the deception in our midst, and to discuss it appropriately with our elected representatives.

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  1. Steeljaw Scribe said:

    My personal favorite was the ever popular “Gross Poor Judgment”…

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