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September 27th, 2007 by xformed

Begun by Cao, the below post found at The Wide Awakes, to support a grass roots movement to change the design of the Flight 93 monument. The details of the design and the relation to all things Islamic are way beyond sheer coincidence. Unlike the case of the Navy barracks in San Diego, we have the opportunity to possibly stop the construction of a site that would honor those who did the killing, rather than those who were the victims. It is in the subtle message, only seen from above, and when sound cartographic scrutiny is used, when the true indignity comes out. It’s not a perspective you’d get being earth bound. Chase the links and see this isn’t some off the page conspiracy of ill-informed minds.

Flight 93 Memorial design layout relative to Mecca

X Posted at Cao’s blog and STACLU

Flight 93 has once again been hijacked by the terrorists.

After deliberating on this for a while, I’ve decided to start a blogburst regarding the Flight 93 Memorial in order to keep the calculations that verified its orientation to Mecca from going down the memory hole.

In addition, I think bringing heightened awareness to the mosque features of the memorial and other facts are important because they’re moving to start construction of this monstrosity at the crash site.

If you want to join the blogroll/blogburst for the Crescent of Betrayal blogburst, email me at caoilfhionn1 at gmail dot com, with your blog’s url address. The blogburst will be sent out once a week to the participants, the plan is- we will all be posting simultaneously on this issue on Wednesdays.

Of course, I will fully expect that you will post on this if you join the blogburst. I’ll keep an email list, and if you don’t post on it, your url will come off the blogroll, and your email address will come off the list.

Thanks to Stop the ACLU

This isn’t one of those posts you just read and think about, as you go about your day. It’s one to take action on and pass the word. By blog, by email, by word of mouth, by cellphone. Get to work, of live with the overhead view of a the Muslims crescent to remember the first casualties in our homeland to a new kind of war.

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