Monthly Reminder: ValOUR-IT

August 11th, 2007 by xformed

Hey, it’s the 11th of the month again. Why is that important? It’s important because I have chosen to highlight the ValOUR-IT project on the 11th of each month. It could have been any day of the month that I do this, but I chose it because of Veteran’s Day, as it is a project that very directly benefits the veterans of today.

A few days back, I linked to the most recent news on ValOUR-IT from FbL’s report of the Circuit City, that is using it’s economic muscle to make sure the donated dollars are stretched further. Toss in the San Antonio Area Foundation grant of $150K….it’s getting better each day, but not without effort.I do have a bleg for the day: Bloggers, please pick two things. One is a troop support charity that resonates with you, and two, a day of the month to make a post about the program. That link to charities is one I try to list the ones I run across, and there are certainly more of them, but start somewhere finding one!Patti Bader told us at the 2007 MilBlogging Conference that every time Soldier’s Angels is mentioned, money moves into the charity. How about helping to reduce the friction to make the funding flow by helping to remind people of great ways to help out?You just never know when that random visitor who has never heard of your charity might wander by your blog that day of the month you took a few extra minutes to make one of 12 posts during the year.

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