Gun Pr0N or Book Desecration? You Decide

July 29th, 2007 by xformed

One of the local talk show hosts had a little dust up with the Harry Potter book people. He had purchased, with his own money, a case of the most current book. He had them and a week ago Friday, said he’d have a lottery to send the books out, which would be expressed out on Friday, using overnight/Saturday delivery methods, so the books would be in the people’s hands after the selling, which began at midnight. He had passed this through his legal department and had gotten it OKed.

He announced this on his MJ Morning Show. He left after his show, but later got a call from the station management, who said the Harry Potter people had sent a local rep to confiscate the books, and…his managers had handed over his personal property, so as not to get over the breakers with the publisher in the legal realm.

Yep, he was a little incensed with this all. Anyhow, he did buy some books at midnight, then took them to the range and checked to see, when faced with various calibers, if Harry Potter lived of died in this edition.

I’m thinking 9mm from an H&K MP5 on full auto won this round…but watch the video and see what you think.

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More here on the story, including two more videos, mashups using “Scarface” and “Terminator 2” as backdrops and to set the mood…

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