Deja Vu All Over Again?

June 30th, 2007 by xformed

Just idle thoughts and wondering now what connections will show up in the next few days.

Tony Blair, tough on fighting the War on Terror, steps down. Lord Taylor takes over.

The VERY NEXT DAY, two car bombs in London are identified and disarmed.

Lord Taylor calls the possible perps as “criminals.”

Think about it: There was an election coming in Spain, who had troops in Iraq. Massive explosions ripped through the Madrid train station. The incumbent, who had been ahead, all of a sudden loses to the opponent, who says he’ll pull the troops out.

There wasn’t an election in England for PM, but there was a change over and an opportunity to test the new PM to see what he’s made of. Implied threat: Pull out of the war and tolerate us taking over your society, or we’ll keep slaughtering your citizens with any means available. Harden the airliners as weapons, we’ll go to the Tube. Harden that, and we’ll just drive cars down your streets. See a pattern?

So, I hope Lord Taylor will “grow some” right now.

Not sure what The New PM, Gordon Brown thinks about it, but it sure isn’t an “in your face” speech right away.

Another “deja vu” moment. Some reports of a Bobbie crawling into one of the cars in London immediately getting the cell phone trigger unwired. It sounds like some bystanders at Glasgow airport helped “detain” the men from the vehicle today. Yep, Flight 93 in two dimensions, vice three. Good one those who refuse to shy away from doing the right thing at great personal risk.

More success for the terrorists: They have caused us to suffer extensive personal checks for any air travel, being patted down to attend NFL games, extra scrutiny in may venues of our daily lives. Now, even you “ride” will be looked at with more suspicion. Cars are ubiquitous, to get us to school, and as we see now, as weapons of significant destruction among us. Easy, available, and with trunks full of nuts, bolts and nails…(oh, yes: Suspicion for anyone buying not just large quantities of diesel fuel and fertilizer, but those making large buys of “fasteners”), really bad ju-ju at the Mall, or near a 4th of July Parade.

Boy, does this suck. I can only hope they are sending the most stupid and gullible as drivers, as it appears they did for two days running now.

Great. MSNBC just reported Tony Snow released a note saying there is raised threat levels at airports. I guess we can’t think outside the box….any area where many people are gathering is a potential target. I’d like to think we can get smarter than this.

Update 07/03/2007: Well, The new PM is confused: “Don’t say Terrorists are Muslims Only”. Sigh….

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